Talent Unleashed Winners Trip – Day 2

Day 2 kicked off with a trip to Amazon Web Services where we listened to Omar Valle describe the history, ethos, culture, and management style of Jeff Bezos and his Executive team. It was great to learn all about Amazon’s driven customer obsession coupled with a lean practice and desire to solve problems in the supply chains management industry.

Touring around the fabulous Amazon head office

From there we took a drive down to San Mateo to hear Andrew Lee explain the meteoric rise of FinTech specialist RobinHood which has seriously disrupted the online trading space through abolishing brokerage fees and building an unprecedented level of trust for the industry. Recent funding values them at $5 billion!

Andrew Lee talking to us about all things FinTech

Followed by a quick lunch it was time to test drive a couple of Teslas. One of which had been customised for Elon Musk to synchronise it’s gull wings and other electronic features to music – bizarre!

Taking out the Tesla’s for a spin

Back on the team bus and over to Stanford for a thought-provoking session with resident experts Vince McPhilip and Ben El-Baz on blockchain and its potential to completely disrupt industries through the removal of traditional intermediaries and it’s 100% watertight security (wait for Quantum Computing!)

Talking about Blockchain at Stanford

We all then returned to The Silicon Valley Innovation Centre for a session with highly accomplished VC specialist Peter Loukianoff from Strawberry Creek Ventures. Peter provided our group some invaluable advice around pitching, fundraising and timing.

Having some fun with our new electronic glasses

To round up the day with some real fun, we were all being pitched to by a collection of diverse and brilliant local start-ups from Menlo Ventures around AI, CX automation and portable projection units.

Cruise pitching to us all

A late but massively rewarding day ended with a trip back to San Francisco’s Chinatown and a well deserved feast at the amazing China Live.

Wrapping up the day with a feast!

What a totally exhilarating Day 2!