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2014 Winners

Congratulations to our 2014 Winners!

The 2014 Talent Unleashed Awards celebrated the overall category winners at five events that spanned the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. The awards, were inundated with over 600 entries from the entire region with the global grand final winners receiving a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship with Sir Richard Branson in South Africa for a five day entrepreneurship workshop during Global Entrepreneur’s Week.

These short videos recap the event highlights and showcase the winners journey.

2014 Year Winners:

Inspirational Leadership

GRACE CLAPHAM – Changepreneur & Inspirational Leader

Grace Clapham has set up a variety of communities including; the Secret {W} Business, a network for women entrepreneurs across Southeast Asia, CreativeMornings Singapore, a free, monthly, breakfast-lecture series for creative entrepreneurs and SheSays Singapore, a network for women in marketing and TEDx Singapore Women. Grace is also the co-founder of The Change School – a multidimensional retreat that intersects between personal development, education, wellness and travel to align purpose and passion for impact.

Community Impact

PAUL LEE – Co-inventor, ACEHearing

ACE Hearing is a hearing enhancement technology that incorporates the services of hearing professionals into any mobile device. It assesses your hearing health with a self-administered hearing test, and then can reshape your device’s audio output to provide a fuller listening experience.

Best Startup

FRANCES VALINTINE – Founder & Chairperson,
The Mind Lab

The Mind Lab by Unitec is a collaboration between Unitec Institute of Technology and The Mind Lab. It draws on the education expertise of both organisations to provide teachers and their students with the opportunity to learn how to integrate technology, enhance digital capability and activate new teaching practices in the classroom.

Digital Content

PHILIP ANDREWS – Director & Co-Founder, Liquid State

Liquid State claims to be the fastest and simplest digital publishing process in the world, publishing documents to a custom branded app for tablets and phones.

Rising Star

AMBER BLUMANIS – App Creator of Stopover

The Stopover App allows users to engage through; expanding business networking, airport dating, learn languages or meet other travelers while on stop over at an airport.

People’s Choice

DAVID HILLIER – Director & Founder, Little Lot

Little Lot is a charitable giving platform, changing the way you connect with the brands you love while giving to the causes you care about.

The UK ‘One to Watch’

JUDE OWER – Founder and CEO of Playmob

Playmob is an organisation connecting game mechanics to social good by helping companies create ‘in-game giving’ through their video games.