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2017 Winners

Congratulations to our 2017 Winners!

WinnerAPAC Global Winner - Best Startup

Cancer Aid

CancerAid is changing the way cancer care is provided by empowering patients from diagnosis, through treatment, and into survivorship. This doctor-designed app is developed in synergy with patients and caregivers with the purpose of reducing side effects and improving outcomes. The app lets patients understand their diagnosis, organise their journey and feel connected through a support team. The app is endorsed by several leading Cancer Hospitals, Health Insurance Providers, and Cancer Charities.

WinnerAPAC Global Winner - Best Leader

Nick Whitehouse

Over the last two years Nick has worked as Chief Digital Officer at McCarthyFinch & MinterEllisonRuddWatts, leading their digital transformation, implementing wholesale technology change. This change programme resulted in the spawning of a world leading Legal AI joint venture with Goat Ventures. Awarded Emerging ICT Leader of the Year and the youngest top ranked CIO in the annual CIO innovation awards, Nick has a unique history leading businesses through disruption and technology firsts.

WinnerAPAC Global Winner - Best Idea

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Life Whisperer

Life Whisperer uses artificial intelligence to better select embryos in IVF, and ultimately improve outcomes for couples wanting to have children. Fertility globally is declining, and success rates for IVF are very low (~20%), which has an emotional and costly impact on couples. Current approaches for selecting embryos are either risky, invasive, costly, or manual and subjective. Life Whisperer’s solution will be delivered via a cloud-based system, and does not require any costly hardware or process change.

WinnerEMEA Global Winner - Best Startup

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E-Kite develops kite power systems to generate electricity at >50% lower costs than wind turbines. Their systems consist of a wing tethered to a ground station. While flying away the wing is pulling the tether, causing a pulley to turn. This pulley then drives a generator.

Kite power systems are mobile, so they can be used at temporary or remote sites. Their systems can be deployed offshore in deep waters at very low costs, because they can float on pontoons.

WinnerEMEA Global Winner - Best Leader

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Greg Reed

With 20 years’ international Banking experience, Greg joined HomeServe Membership in 2012, as Chief Marketing Officer, becoming CEO in June 2017. He leads a business with 3,000 People, including 1,000 engineers, with 2.2m Customers and a turnover of £326m.

Upon joining, HomeServe had just come through a regulatory, reputational and commercial near-death experience. Greg has helped a new HomeServe emerge; a commercially powerful business built on strong principles with the right culture of committed People delivering effortless service to Customers

WinnerEMEA Global Winner - Best Idea

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Minespider uses blockchain tokens to track conflict free minerals. Metals that come from conflict zones are difficult to uniquely identify because shipments can be mixed, so our approach is to create blockchain tokens according to production volumes of responsibly sourced material.

These tokens are passed up the supply chain to purchasers of metal, so that manufacturers can trace their money to responsible sources

WinnerUSA Global Winner - Best Idea

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Grainster is a technology enabled grain trading marketplace, a paradigm shift from today’s grain trading practices. It seeks to enhance global food security and small farm strength through freeing growers to offer their production directly to a global buying audience.

Grainster’s secure, comprehensive trading platform provides, among other benefits, a new opportunity for both farmers and buyers to increase operations profitability.

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