Meet Jane Tewson, Global Judge and Panellist

In 2014, Jane Tewson joined the Talent Unleashed Awards’ unrivalled panel of globally renowned judges. She bought with her a passion and insight into transforming communities, an expertise in implementing social change and an ability to challenge fatigued views of charity and giving.

Jane Tewson of Ignite Change

Jane is an innovator with a global reputation for inspiring individuals and organisations to work together for positive social change. To date, Jane has founded five charities, all of which are flourishing today, and is currently the Founder and Director of Igniting Change. Jane is also a Talent International board member and actively involved with Talent RISE.

In her fourth year of judging the Talent Unleashed Awards, we were curious to find out what Jane had her sights set on this year and what she was hoping to see from this year’s applicants. So, we sat down with Jane to ask her a few questions about the 2017 awards program…

1. What excited you about being involved as a judge for the 2017 Talent Unleashed Awards?

I think the most exciting part for me was realising the next generation will be benefitting from the ideas and talent in these entries! My grandchildren could be using this technology in the future.

2. What will you be looking for in this year’s entries?

This year, I will be looking for stunning leaders. Those who are able to deliver new ideas that can positively impact us all. I’m especially looking forward to the new ‘Most Progressive Workplace Leader’ category. Inclusivity and happiness at work is good for everyone – for business, the employee and the customer.

3. Any tips for entrants on making their submission stand out to the judges?

Yes – Passion! And spotting a real gap in their business or community needs.

Also, it’s so important for entrants to explain their product or idea succinctly and accessibly – my background is in social change, not technology!

4. What did you enjoy the most being a judge in previous years? 

What a privilege to sit on a panel with such incredible fellow judges!

I had a lightbulb moment listening to one of the entries last year – ResApp Health, an Australian company. As both my parents were GPs, and I have spent a lot of time in Africa, it was extraordinary to see that parents can now download an app to diagnose respiratory disease, and that the technology is accessible to people in the developing world. Making life saving technology available at low cost is really a gift to those future generations.


Jane is joined on the 2017 Global Judging Panel by Apple Co-founder, Steve Wozniak and Virgin Group Founder, Sir Richard Branson. To see the regional judging panels for APAC/USA and EMEA, please click here.

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