InterRISK confirmed as 2017 Talent Unleashed Awards Silver Sponsor

We are pleased to announce InterRISK have joined the 2017 Talent Unleashed Awards as a Silver Sponsor!

InterRISK’s Silver Sponsorship will help Talent’s charitable foundation, Talent RISE, to support many young people through their employment journey. Talent RISE equips young people with job-ready skills, and the opportunity and confidence to successfully land a job.

About InterRISK

InterRISK provides comprehensive and cost-effective risk advisory and insurance broking services for Australian and International businesses.

They understand that the ever-changing business environment demands insurance that effectively anticipates and manages your risk exposure. From complex and specialised placements to general broking services, InterRISK’s priority is to protect your business and provide exceptional support when you need it most. Their innovative approach to risk management and commitment to management of claims is underpinned by long term client relationships.

They are the broker of choice for many major public and private corporations, industry associations and independent business owners across Australia. With InterRISK, you can be certain that your organisation’s growth, reputation and people are fully protected.

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