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Judging Criteria – Best Startup or Best Idea

This page outlines the judging criteria for the ‘Best Idea – One to Watch‘ category, the ‘Best Startup – Tech or Digital Innovation‘ category and the ‘Best Startup – Social or Community Impact‘ category.

We are seeking entrants who have used technological innovation to demonstrate integrity, effectiveness and creativity – and above all, have had a huge influence on transforming the business or social landscape.

We want your application to be succinct and well written, as well as address some core criteria.

Entering a ‘Leadership’ category? Please click here.


5% Tell us about you

These awards are about recognising and rewarding those doing amazing things with technology and innovative thinking in their sector, so of course we want to find out about your business.

Tell us about your organisation, its mission, objectives, its culture, achievements and brand values.

We expect our entrants to spend 5% of the open-ended response here (150 words). You should:

  • Outline how your achievements are significant.
  • Demonstrate your professional values.
  • Show us how you are an innovator in your business or community.


25% Thinking

We’re all for technology being used as more than just support systems. Entrants will need to clearly explain how they have used technology or digital tools in a strategic way to develop a new business, positively impact a community or solve a workplace problem.

We expect our entrants to spend 25% of the open-ended response here (300 words). You should:

  • Outline your strategy.
  • Define the objectives you set out to achieve.
  • Detail the risks you identified and how you overcame them.
  • Demonstrate how you used the technology as something more than just a support system.


25% Innovation

We are looking for organisations who have developed a solution that meets new or existing needs. Entrants will have demonstrated how they have applied technology in an innovative way to meet a specific social or business challenge.

We expect our entrants to spend 25% of the open-ended response here (300 words). You should:

  • Showcase the originality of your idea.
  • Demonstrate your creativity.
  • Outline how you combined strategic insights and creativity to be innovative.
  • Outline the new or existing need you set out to meet.


25% Results

We are outcome driven. So we will be taking into account factors such as revenue generation, captured market share, increased brand awareness, and increased client acquisition or retention.

We expect our entrants to spend 25% of the open-ended response here (300 words). You should:

  • Demonstrate how you met a specific social or business challenge/need/opportunity (specific examples).
  • Provide before and after situation analysis.
  • Share specific results and outcomes.


20% Future Planning

What’s next in store for your business? What’s your next step? We want to know what your future plans are so we will be taking into account factors such as scalability, future fundraising objectives, upcoming trials, planning, strategy and forecasting.

We expect our entrants to spend 20% of the open-ended response here (250 words). You should:

  • Tell us about your growth trajectory/strategy (specific examples – you will be able to upload documents).
  • What do you plan to achieve in the next 1-3 years.
  • Share specific forecasting results or strategic plans.