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Are you leading an organisation which empowers its employees, nurtures individuality and supports the needs of its people?

Are you a leader transforming your work environment or culture through innovative staff engagement strategies? Or are you using technology and/or digital tools to inspire others to create tomorrow’s future workplace?

If you answered yes, then you could be a contender for the Talent Unleashed Awards “Most Progressive Workplace Leader” category.

workplace leader in technology Unleashed AwardsInspiring others

For most employees, their workplace environment is the one they spend most of their time, so it’s only natural that environment should thrive on nurturing the purpose, potential and development of it’s workers.

The Talent Unleashed Awards are looking for business leaders who are moving away from a vision of just maximizing profits and profitability, to one that also focuses on how they can positively impact the lives of their employees.

We are looking for leaders who are introducing innovative solutions to increase staff engagement, decrease staff turnover and positively impact team moral.

This may be through creating new work/life balance guidelines which are seeing incredible results in increased employee engagement and productivity; or creating more learning and development opportunities, resulting in higher staff loyalty and job satisfaction.

It could also be the introduction of a new and innovative technology to increase your employees’ feelings of purpose, increase engagement or encourage growth.

Be recognised by world-leaders in innovation

By entering into the Talent Unleashed Awards, you will have the chance to have your work reviewed by some of the world’s most innovative and entrepreneurial thinkers.

2017 Global Judge, and Director and Founder of Igniting Change, Jane Tewson says this year she will be looking for entries which show “Stunning leaders, able to deliver new ideas that can positively impact us all.”

“I’m especially looking forward to the new ‘Most Progressive Workplace Leader’ category as inclusivity and happiness at work is good for everyone – for the business, the employee and the customer.”

100% Human at Work

At Talent, although we work in the recruitment and staffing sector – one notorious for taking people at face-value; as an organisation we have made the commitment to break from the pack and break from this stereotype.

In May this year, Talent was involved in the launch of the ‘100% Human at Work Initiative’ in Australia – a movement we are extremely passionate about.

The ‘100% Human at Work Initiative’ puts people at the centre of all it does.  It is driven not solely by short-term profit, but instead by short-term and long-term implications for its people and the wider global community.

This category is about celebrating the brave and bold leaders who are introducing innovative and disruptive ideas to their workplaces that uphold the values of respect, equality, growth, belonging and purpose.

If you’re a progressive workplace leader then enter the Talent Unleashed Awards now.

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